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November 18-20, 2016

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Downtown Miami, FL

There are moments in our lives that change everything. This is one of those moments. Again and again, year after year, The Women's Success Summit has been a catalyst for growth, change and possibility for women. Stars are born, commitments are made, businesses are founded, movements are launched and lifelong friendships are forged – and that's just the beginning.

If you're ready to transform your life forever, this is the place to start.

Redefine What's Possible For You & For Your Life

Contacts & Connections

Influential contacts and connections – people who could change your career forever.

Innovative Ideas

Innovative ideas for your business – the kind that fast track your results.


Solutions for problems and challenges you didn’t even realize were holding you back.

Tools & Resources

The latest tools and resources – to leverage your strengths and magnify and multiply your outcomes.

“The first Summit I ever went to was [6] years ago. I’ll never forget, because that was the day I decided to open my business: IronFlower Fitness, which has since become a huge success.”

Jay Jiggins, Founder & Owner, IronFlower Fitness

The Women’s Success Summit

Purpose, Passion, Prosperity: Women Leaders In Action.

Walk Away With...

“The Summit offers fabulous content AND networking. Because of a connection we made there in 2012, we applied to and WON the Florida Media Market competition for best unscripted TV show pitch!”

– Alina Zhukovskaya, OnJuice

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What Attendees Say

I started the Summit back in June of 2010 because as a woman entrepreneur about 3 years into owning my business, I was LONELY. So yes, I confess, I started the Summit for selfish reasons. I wanted to create a community of ambitious, smart, go-getting women – mostly so that I could hang out with them.

Completing that first summit was probably the most fulfilling moment of my life up until that point. Never had an "accomplishment" made me feel so good, so connected, so on purpose. So we did it again. And again.

Over time, the vision grew. Soon I realized it wasn't about just me, or about my crew. I saw a bigger vision. A vision of women supporting each other, of women learning together, of women uplifting others and the ripple effect of that could be felt far beyond our little world. See, what I realized was that if women had more influence, more wealth and more support, the planet would be better off. And so this event brought me to my purpose and my passion.

The Summit has changed my business... and my life. By (finally) finding my purpose, that has ignited a passion in me that I did not know existed. And that passion has led me to put in the hours and effort to really master business. Which has led to prosperity.

And know you understand the theme of this, our eleventh, Women's Success Summit: Purpose. Passion. Prosperity.

See for years I chased the prosperity piece first, thinking "once I achieve success, THEN I'll have time to focus on my passions and find my purpose." For as long as I thought that way, I struggled. Stepping into my purpose has brought me passion, which has culminated in prosperity beyond anything just financial or monetary.

If you're looking to transform your business, your career and your life, you're in the right place. Sign up to attend. We can't wait to meet you :)



Michelle Villalobos (vee - ya - LOW - bos)

Superstar Business & Brand Strategist,
Professional Speaker, Mentor & Founder of the Women's Success Summit.

LeeAnn Marie Webster

Founder of Totally Telesummits, Online Marketing Strategist & 2016 Ironman Finisher.

Andy Henriquez

Author of Show Up For Your Life, Professional Motivational Speaker & Storytelling Coach.

Pegine Echavarria

The Fiesty, Fearless, Kick-Butt-in-Business Leader, Speaker & Mentor. Named 1 of 3 2016 "Women Who Rock" by Macy’s & Minority Business Enterprise Magazine.

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Michelle Villalobos

A Note From Our Founder


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Mary Wong

President of Office Depot Foundation, Creator Of The Bee A Difference Maker Movement, Founder of Wing Women Network.

Todd Goodwin

Board Certified Hypnotist & Mindset Mastery Expert

Adriana Hernandez

Owner of Midtown Pawn Boutique & Financer of Dreams & Entrepreneurial Ventures

“As a brand-new mom and entrepreneur in the travel business, I had to find a way to work smart, not hard, so I could earn what I’m worth AND spend quality time with my family. I learned how to do that from Michelle at The Summit.”

– Janet Acosta-Fernandez,
Cruise Impressions

“I want to thank you for The Women’s Success Summit… I was blown away by the quality of the content and it was a pleasure to be part of such an amazing group of beautiful, intelligent and powerful women. Cheers for a great event!”

– Ines Hegedus-Garcia, Majestic Properties, Design District

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Day Two Theme: Passion

8:00 AM Bonus Morning Session: Jennifer Vera – Connect To Your Inner Child & Awaken Your Playful Power

9:00 AM Session V: Superstar Branding: Be A Thought Leader To Build Your Business & Grow Your Movement

10:15 AM Break – Sponsor Meet & Greet / Networking

10:30 AM Session VI: Superstar Branding, Part II
Interview, Jessica Kizorek – Using Video Online To Grow Your Tribe

11:45 PM Gold Pass – Open Lunch Break / Platinum Pass – VIP Mastermind Lunch

1:15 PM Session VII: Keynote & Power Presentations
– Keynote, Andy Henríquez – Share Your Story, Change The World
– Pilar Ortiz – Do It Now. Video Wow: Sound Smart, Stand Out & Share Your Message (Without Freezing, Choking or Blurting Out The Wrong Thing)
– LeeAnn Webster – Cross The Finish Line In Any Area of Your Life

2:45 PM Surprise Mystery

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Session VIII: Culture, Community & Crew
Superstar Success Panel

4:15 PM Break

4:30 PM Session IX: You Can't Turn A Parked Car: The Art of Motivation & Action

6:00 PM Dinner Break

7:30 PM Hot Seat Session

Day Three Theme: Prosperity

8:00 AM Breakfast Breakout: Darin Adams, Infusionsoft – Email Marketing For Small Business  

9:30 AM Session X: Marketing To Drive Leads, Fill Your Funnel & Grow

11:15 AM Break

11:30 AM Session XI: Mindset Mastery
Todd Goodwin – Mindset Hacks To Break Through What Holds You Back
Panel - Breakthrough Success Stories

1:00 PM Open Lunch Break

2:30 PM Session XII: Power Presentations & Keynote
Nancy Allen – The Art of Making Allies & Believers
Pegine Echavarría – Be Feisty, Be Fearless, Be Focused & Have Fun Flourishing In Your Business

4:00 PM Break

4:15 PM Session XIII: Closing Session – Create Your 90-Day Action Plan